“My son has a muscle weakness on one side of his body and a balance problem. Cris has designed his exercise program to target these areas of weakness, and to improve his co-ordination and balance. My son enjoys his one-to-one sessions and thanks to Cris’ help and encouragement has improved and continues to improve in all these areas.” Mrs V. Farr

“I was most impressed by Cris’ training techniques, which were far better than those of previous trainers I have used. He put together an excellent and innovative training program, concentrating on core strength, balance and leg strength. This meant for the first time ever, I arrived at the resort at the beginning of the season with a high level of fitness and body strength.” — Mr A. Price (Alpine Ski Instructor)

“I have enormously enjoyed training with Cris and have derived a huge amount of benefit from it, both losing a substantial amount of weight and gaining a greater level of strength and general fitness than ever before.” Mr R. Graham

“I wanted to let you know I have passed my Police fitness test. I’d like to thank you very much for all your help, support and encouragement over the past 2 months. I don’t think I could’ve passed it without you.” — Ms J. Norris

“In the short space of time I have been attending training sessions with Cristian my body-shape has dramatically changed, my confidence has grown and my whole lifestyle is slowly but surely changing, and it’s all thanks to him.” — Mrs J. Cosford

“Cris taught me how to maximise my workouts and get the best and quickest results. I am also less injury-prone now.” — Mrs S. Rawle

“Cris is an excellent trainer; good at designing programmes to match the trainee’s goals and good at updating and adjusting the programmes to avoid boredom or getting in a rut. He helped me achieve more in a year at the gym than I had done in the previous 5.” — Mr A. Hamilton

“I first went to Cris after a dose of Radiotherapy on my neck and shoulder. Cris managed to put together a programme which not only strengthened my shoulder but improved my overall posture and core. Cris also prepared me for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, which I eventually managed to conquer. I can say that Cris is the main reason why I now feel stronger, fitter and healthy again.” — Mr S. Jones

“The first thing Cris will do after all the normal form filling is agree a target for you. Mine was simple; after having my knee crushed by two cars, all I wanted to do was walk without a limp. Now after only 3 weeks my limp is 90% better. I was told by my doctor if I was 18 I would recover 100%, if I was 80 it be 10%, as I’m a unfit 46 year old who already has beaten the doctor’s target I would recommended anyone to see Cris. Now, I’ve just got to set a new target for myself! Maybe becoming a fit 47 year old!” — Mr M. Whittingham

“When I started training with Cris I had a long standing shoulder injury which had given me a lot of trouble over the years. After 6 months of training with Cris and adhering to his workout program which was specifically tailored to my needs, my shoulder is now 100% better. For the last 18 months I have continued to workout with Cris and am glad to say I am in the best shape of my life. In short I would recommend Cris no matter what your fitness goals or needs are.” — Mr D. Hedges

“The diet and exercise programme Cris put together for me enabled me to lose 4 and a half stones. Cris has helped me tone up my body and build up my strength and fitness. This is the best I have felt in years. I have had a weight problem for 20 years now and since I met Cris he has supported me in person as well as via email when I’ve needed it! He has been able to advise me on my nutrition as well as exercise. I cannot recommend him highly enough!” — Mrs N. Chauhan

“Cris is knowledgeable trainer who uses a holistic approach to fitness. No psycho-babble just common sense coupled with an open outlook of what works for the individual is best. I am a very fit and athletic person with over 35 years of sporting activity since leaving school. He has raised my fitness to a new level. I have seen many coaches and he is one of the best. He keeps up on new developments, and uses them with more traditional techniques to suit the individual. Speaking as a sports coach myself, I know that whatever your fitness level, Cris can offer you something you may not have found elsewhere.” — Mr G. Heard

“As a very overweight, nearly-approaching-fifty, lady who has never exercised in her life, I was probably not the most likely of clients to land on Cris’ doorstep. However, I have been a regular client for nearly four years which is a testament to his professionalism, positive approach and friendliness. (And, YES! at the beginning I wanted to give up so VERY much, but he helped me through those bad patches). He never fails to encourage, motivate and make you feel good about your efforts. Cris takes a holistic approach to your health, fitness and emotional well-being, so he is far more than a ‘personal trainer’. He is very knowledgeable and continues to learn, upskill and drive his understanding to new heights. If you are serious about getting fit and looking good, then Cris is the person you need! He has made an enormous difference to how I look and how I feel about myself – thank you Cris.” — Mrs D. Swallow

“Unfit and overweight, I reluctantly started to train with Cris. Being in my fifties, having done no exercise for years, and having various health and skeletal issues, combined with a natural reluctance to put myself through any physical exertion I imagine I was not a model client! However, Cris brings to his job a very positive approach, he is professional, purposeful inspiring and always very encouraging. I cannot believe how he has motivated me, and what I have already achieved. Already I feel more mobile and my posture has improved. My health issues are still with me but Cris is addressing these as well. With his holistic approach to treating the whole person and his determination to help each of his clients become the person they ought to be I have no doubt that together we will persevere and I will improve. Professional, well qualified, knowledgeable and always researching to maintain and improve his knowledge Cris is a Holistic Fitness Coach in whom you can trust and have complete confidence.” — Mrs C. Murrell

“Year after year, I promise myself that I’m going to improve my posture, get fit, toned and that perfect body I’ve been promising myself for so long. I was dubious in the beginning due to past failed attempts but Cris has a way of giving you that extra motivation to reach your goals and he pushes you to reach them. Since joining Cris I have also now for the first time got a gym membership that I use frequently. I’ve changed my lifestyle and my eating habits and I’ve never felt more alive.” — Ms Y. Allen

“I am a mum of four, and training with Cris has produced dramatic results, not only in my body and fitness levels but my confidence too! Being a mum of four it is hard to find the time, but Cris is very flexible in accommodating time for me. Cris is very knowledgeable in his chosen field of work and practices what he preaches. I have already recommended Cris to close friends in need of help and would recommend him to anyone else.” — Mrs C. Heron

“I have been a member of a few gyms in my time and have made use of several personal fitness instructors. Cris is by far and away the most knowledgeable and motivational instructor/trainer that I have come across. He always seems to be able to pin point the areas where I need to improve upon both physically and nutritionally. He has continuously been able to improve my performance and, as a result, I now have much more lean muscle and less bodyfat. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking improve their health and appearance.” — Mr R. Manjouneh

“Despite a demanding City job and accompanying lifestyle, Cris devised numerous and interesting programmes for strength, fitness, flexibility and nutrition which has resulted in me losing over two stones and being stronger and fitter than ever before. Cris takes a holistic approach to your aims and there is little this guy doesn’t know. With his dedicated approach clients of all ages and abilities can achieve their goals, be it weight loss or general strength and fitness, in a private comfortable environment.” — Mr M. Clifford

“Cris offers an excellent service and gives support and is motivational. He assessed my flexibility, strength and posture and compiled a plan specific to my abilities with an aim to improve my strength, power and flexibility. I would thoroughly recommend Cris if you want a quality and tailored approach to achieving your goals.” — Mr M. Evans

“I have been going to Cris for over a year. Mid forties and unfit I decided I needed to take control get fitter. With Cris’ choice of exercise I am in much better shape and am very happy with the results so far. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a knowledgeable and understanding trainer.” — Mr D. Hurst

“I was looking for a knowledgeable, experienced professional and that is what I have found in Cris. His holistic approach has helped me to work harder than I ever knew I could, and realise and focus on what I want to achieve. I struggle with motivation sometimes and what I like best about Cris is his flexibility. He can adapt a workout instantly to suit my needs and keeps me motivated by setting goals and challenges.” — Ms H. Blanchard

“Cris has a vast depth of knowledge and is passionate about what he does. He takes the utmost care to ensure that his clients are looked after in a holistic manner, enabling them to reach their goals. Although I’m a qualified personal trainer myself, I hired Cris to help me with my training. The first time I worked with Cris he enabled me to gain a great amount of lean muscle. The second time he helped me using his corrective exercise skills to assist in my recovery from a car crash.” — Mr J. Cusick, Personal Trainer & IKFF Certified Kettlebell Instructor

“Cris has been brillant. I first went to Cris because I ruptured my stomach muscle after running. My object was to work on my core strength and get back to running asap. Not only am I back to running better than ever before but have developed strength I didn’t know existed. My whole body shape has changed. I am absolutely delighted with the results! Cris is professional, immensely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you achieve your goal whatever that is. Cris has been great I could not recommend him enough. Thank you Cris for your motivation, support and advice.” — Mrs H. Goody

“It is hard to praise Cris enough. It’s very simple, if you do what he says, it works. I came to Cris because I needed a routine that fitted into my busy life. I wanted to be stronger and a better shape. Within 6 months I was in the best shape I’ve ever been. It’s changed my life in many ways. I’m more confident, healthier and happier. But it’s the little things that mean the most. Shopping feels lighter, carrying kids to bed is a doddle and the wife seems happy. The great thing about Cris is he’s not pushy or judgmental. He lays it in front of you and says: “Do what I say, put the work in and your body will change, it’s up to you.” And you only have to train with him once to know he practices what he preaches.” — Mr T. O’Callaghan

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