“My son has a muscle weakness on one side of his body and a balance problem. Cris has designed his exercise program to target these areas of weakness, and to improve his co-ordination and balance. My son enjoys his one-to-one sessions and thanks to Cris’ help and encouragement has improved and continues to improve in all these areas”

Mrs V. Farr

“I was most impressed by Cris’ training techniques, which were far better than those of previous trainers I have used. He put together an excellent and innovative training program, concentrating on core strength, balance and leg strength. This meant for the first time ever, I arrived at the resort at the beginning of the season with a high level of fitness and body strength.”

Mr A. Price (Alpine Ski Instructor)

“I have enormously enjoyed training with Cris and have derived a huge amount of benefit from it, both losing a substantial amount of weight and gaining a greater level of strength and general fitness than ever before.”

Mr R. Graham

“I wanted to let you know I have passed my Police fitness test. I’d like to thank you very much for all your help, support and encouragement over the past 2 months. I don’t think I could’ve passed it without you.”

Ms J. Norris

“In the short space of time I have been attending training sessions with Cristian my body-shape has dramatically changed, my confidence has grown and my whole lifestyle is slowly but surely changing, and it’s all thanks to him.”

Mrs J. Cosford

“Cris is an excellent trainer; good at designing programmes to match the trainee’s goals and good at updating and adjusting the programmes to avoid boredom or getting in a rut. He helped me achieve more in a year at the gym than I had done in the previous 5.”

Mr A. Hamilton

“I first went to Cris after a dose of Radiotherapy on my neck and shoulder. Cris managed to put together a programme which not only strengthened my shoulder but improved my overall posture and core. Cris also prepared me for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, which I eventually managed to conquer. I can say that Cris is the main reason why I now feel stronger, fitter and healthy again.”

Mr S. Jones

“When I started training with Cris I had a long standing shoulder injury which had given me a lot of trouble over the years. After 6 months of training with Cris and adhering to his workout program which was specifically tailored to my needs, my shoulder is now 100% better. For the last 18 months I have continued to workout with Cris and am glad to say I am in the best shape of my life. In short I would recommend Cris no matter what your fitness goals or needs are.”

Mr D. Hedges

“The first thing Cris will do after all the normal form filling is agree a target for you. Mine was simple; after having my knee crushed by two cars, all I wanted to do was walk without a limp. Now after only 3 weeks my limp is 90% better. I was told by my doctor if I was 18 I would recover 100%, if I was 80 it be 10%, as I’m a unfit 46 year old who already has beaten the doctor’s target I would recommended anyone to see Cris. Now, I’ve just got to set a new target for myself! Maybe becoming a fit 47 year old!”

Mr M. Whittingham

“The diet and exercise programme Cris put together for me enabled me to lose 4 and a half stones. Cris has helped me tone up my body and build up my strength and fitness. This is the best I have felt in years. I have had a weight problem for 20 years now and since I met Cris he has supported me in person as well as via email when I’ve needed it! He has been able to advise me on my nutrition as well as exercise. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Mrs N. Chauhan