prices & packages

Prices & packages

Training sessions

Clients may buy sessions in bulk to be used once, twice or three times per week based on the prices shown on the right. To encourage training consistency and commitment, all bulk purchases have an expiry date based on a client’s proposed training frequency.

For example, if a client buys 12 sessions for £360 to be used three times per week, these sessions would expire in four weeks, unless there was a valid reason for training to have ceased (i.e. injury, illness etc).

Training session prices

Single training session = £40 per hour

Monthly Membership Packages

8 training sessions per month = £280
12 training sessions per month = £360

Note: All sessions to be used within 4 weeks of purchase

Package deals

With package deals the client decides how often
they wish to train and use their sessions. Once
again, based on this decision, an expiry date is agreed for the package.

Bespoke packages are available upon request.

Package deal prices

£400 for 11 sessions
£600 for 17 sessions
£800 for 23 sessions
£1000 for 29 sessions

Group training

Training sessions for groups of 2-4 people are available. The price for these is the same as one-to-one training sessions, allowing participants to share the training fees. Note: Group training sessions work best when all the participants are of a similar level of experience, ability and fitness.

Prices for other services

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching – £40 per hour

Posture Assessment & Corrective Exercise Programme – £100 (approx 2 hours)

Neuro-Muscular Therapy (NMT) – £40 per hour

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – £40 per hour